How to connect your external tracker to MOVE?

Move app

Connect your preferred fitness trackers to MOVE via Apple Health or Google Fit.


Ensure your fitness app is connected to Apple Health or Google Fit. You can usually find this in the settings of your preferred app.

Examples shown: MapMyRun and Strava


To start connecting, open the MOVE run tracker and click on the settings icon.


For Apple users, activate the 'Connect to Apple HealthKit' slider at the bottom of the screen to start integration.

For Android users, activate the 'Connect to Other Trackers' slider at the bottom of the screen to start integration.


Grant MOVE by LIV3LY permission for Apple Health and Google Fit.

Submit Your Workouts Manually


You can manually submit your workout via the MOVE Workout Webform.

Simply login with your LIV3LY account and fill in the required fields to submit your workout. A confirmation email will be sent to you.

Use MOVE Workout Webform

*Google Fit users, please expect a delay in the integration of data.

*Android users, please note that the MOVE app available on the Google Play store is currently at the LIV3LY beta testing phase, users may experience some issues.